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Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is committed to preserving and sustaining the vibrant communities of the Eastern Shore and the lands and waters that connect them.

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ESLC seeks nominations for best in Eastern Shore planning

Deadline for Nominations is October 3 ESLC is calling for nominations for this year’s Eastern Shore 2010 Achievement Awards. The 2008 Eastern Shore 2010 Achievement Awards, inspired by the regional land use planning agreement that sets the highest expectations for the care of the Eastern Shore landscape, distinguish outstanding leadership in the field of land use planning and land development on the Eastern Shore. The purpose of these awards is to honor the projects, people and places that best define growth befitting the Eastern Shore. This year's awards are focused on the Eastern Shore 2010’s Goal 4, "Develop a regional transportation plan by 2010 that provides alternatives to a new Bay crossing and emphasizes the use of alternative and public transportation within and among communities." lsanford@eslc.org or fax to 410.901.9986. Winners will be honored at ESLC’s annual Land Use Planning Conference on Nov. 7 at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills.  Awards will be given out at ESLC’s annual conference "Where are the Eastern Shore’s Roads Taking Us?’ This year’s conference will focus on regional transportation issues and will pull together national, regional and local leaders to collaborate on potential solutions.  "We are so excited to celebrate the excellent work that is being done toward the Eastern Shore 2010 agreement’s goals,’ said Amy Owsley, ESLC’s Director of Land Use Planning. "Transportation is at a crossroads here on the Shore and we are looking forward to honoring those who are at the forefront of finding viable solutions for these important issues."  Past Eastern Shore 2010 Achievement Awards winners include the Talbot County Planning Commission for their efforts to protect the important rural areas of Talbot County, Colchester Farm Community Supported Agriculture project for exemplifying how new models for farming can create a sustainable future for agriculture on the Shore and Governor Martin O’Malley for his position

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ESLC announces transfer of 323 acres to state for forest management

Cambridge, Maryland – August 11, 2008 – The Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, a private, non-profit land conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of farmland and habitat on the Eastern Shore, has announced that 323 acres have been approved by the Maryland Board of Public Works for transfer to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  The Lindner Property, which was purchased by ESLC last year, was approved for purchase by the state of Maryland’s Program Open Space program for $2.5 million. It will be managed by the Department of Natural Resources’s Forest Service as part of the Chesapeake Forest Lands, an innovative program designed to manage forestland for generation of forest products, local employment and recreational opportunities.  The Lindner property consists of mostly forests containing high quality Delmarva fox squirrel habitat. Consisting of 218 acres of forests and forested non-tidal wetlands, the property also is a high priority conservation acquisition under the state’s Program Open Space Stateside Targeting System.  The property is located proximate to the Blackwater Resorts property on the Little Blackwater River acquired by the State in 2007 and Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.  . "Adding this land to our protected forests will help our community to combat climate change, as these forests provide critical storehouses for carbon, while ensuring that the landscape continues to benefit our local economy through renewable resources, jobs, and recreation,” said Meredith Lathbury, ESLC’s Director of Land Conservation. “We are so pleased that this will be in the care and stewardship of the State of Maryland and that the Lindner family’s wishes to have it protected forever will be carried out.”

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Lathbury Honored at State Land Protection Conference

Photo Courtesy of Maryland Environmental Trust James O'Connell, Vice President of MET, presents the Aileen Hughes Award to Anne Jones and Meredith Lathbury, right. Queenstown, Maryland – June 26, 2008 – Meredith Lathbury, Director of Land Conservation for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, recently received the Aileen Hughes Award for Outstanding Leadership in Land Conservation. The award, one of two presented this year, is given by the Maryland Environmental Trust, was created in honor of the late Aileen Hughes, a leader in the conservation movement and honors those that demonstrate exemplary leadership in the land trust community.  The award was presented to Lathbury at the Maryland Land Trust Alliance Conference, held earlier this month at the Howard County Conservancy’s Mt. Pleasant Farm in Woodstock Lathbury was honored with Ann Holmes Jones, President of the Howard Country Conservancy and a member and secretary of the MET board of trustees.  Jones’s commitment and dedication to land conservation has had a major impact on conservation efforts in both Howard and Baltimore counties.  Her knowledge of the area, familiarity with landowners, and expertise in easement wording make her an incredible asset for State-wide conservation efforts. She is a member of the Long Green Valley Conservancy and the Land Preservation Trust.    “Together Meredith and Ann’s organization and enthusiasm for successful land conservation were critical to the success of this year’s Conference and providing the opportunity for the land trust community to share experiences,” said John Hutson, Acting Director of MET. An alumna of the Center for Whole Communities’ “Whole Thinking” Program, Lathbury’s innovative work is reshaping ESLC’s strategic plan in order to integrate conservation, health, justice, spirit and relationships. This past winter she helped plan a “whole communities” retreat for Eastern Shore conservation leaders that focused on partnership building and community-based approaches to land preservation. Her work is represented in recent

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ESLC offers tips to beat traffic, fuel costs this summer

Queenstown, Maryland – June 25, 2008 – With the summer travel season in full gear and as part of their “Love the Land” consumer education campaign, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy (ESLC), a private, nonprofit land conservation organization, is offering Eastern Shore residents ways to survive the  ever-growing fuel costs and busy summer traffic season With summer kicking off the beginning of the “ozone season” it is an ideal time to remind residents about the small ways they can help protect the Shore from the effects of global warming. ESLC encourages people across the Eastern Shore to consider taking a few simple steps—actions that fit into busy schedules—to help ease traffic congestion in our area and make the air we breathe a little cleaner. These include walking or biking to work when possible, carpooling and ride sharing, teleworking as well as keeping your vehicle maintained to ensure optimal performance. Some ways to help your family manage the busy summer traffic season include the following • Drive a well maintained vehicle: Keeping your vehicle tuned up is not only a good idea to ensure its long life but also a great way to reduce emissions and increase your own gas mileage. Simple routine maintenance items such as rotating tires, changing air filters and properly inflating tires can help your automobile produce 20 percent less zone-related emissions. • Walk or bike to work: On the Eastern Shore’s rural landscape, this may not be the most feasible option for most of us so if you are one someone who lives near work, take advantage of the chance to get some extra exercise to work. You will not only reduce the number of cars on the road, but you’ll get a bit of cardio in at the same time! • Carpool: Catching a ride with a co-worker or someone who works nearly is

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Latest Tax Benefits Make it Easier than Ever to Protect Farmland from Development

Queenstown, Maryland – June 25, 2008 – The recent passage of the Farm Bill by Congress  will help Eastern Shore landowners become conservation easement donors. These special provisions previously authorized until the end of 2007 under the Pension Act of 2006 will help family farmers and other moderate-income landowners get a significant tax benefit for making the extraordinarily valuable  gift of a conservation easement donation, restricting future development of their land to protect a resource important to the public.  “This is amazing news for our Eastern Shore communities,” said Meredith Lathbury, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy’s (ESLC) director of land conservation. “The passage of this extension continues to make conservation more financially feasible for more families and will undoubtedly yield wonderful returns for our protecting our rural landscapes from development.” The extension of the expanded Federal income tax benefits will allow those who protect their land from Jan. 1, 2008 and to Dec. 31, 2009, to deduct up to 50 percent of their adjusted gross income, while farmers who receive more than 50 percent of their income from farming may deduct 100 percent of their adjusted gross income, each for up to 15 years. “Last year was a historic year for land protection on the Eastern Shore, the state of Maryland and throughout the nation and with this tax benefit extension, we are confident we can continue to make amazing strides to help more working farmers protect their land with donated conservation easements,” said Rob Etgen, ESLC’s executive director. Landowners who donate a conservation easement – a contract between the landowners and an organization, such as ESLC, that forever protects their land from development – have done so for many reasons, including; wanting to see a working farm continue to grow crops instead of houses, providing a sense of family history and

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