Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

Our Vision

ESLC’s public policy work supports and strengthens our land conservation efforts, our town planning and design work, and our goals for environmental education. ESLC promotes land conservation and planning that provide public access to open space including parks, the Chesapeake Bay, farmland, hiking trails, and urban gardens.

Protecting Rural Lands

To advance efforts to protect 50% of the rural land base, and ensure strong agricultural zoning. To advance septic law implementation as key layer of protection for rural lands. Monitor rezoning in Caroline County, and engage as advisable.

Supporting Towns

Engage in policy that advances towns as growth magnets in the region, with at least 80% of regional growth occurring within growth areas. Focus specific policy attention in towns where active ESLC town projects are underway, and on issues shared by many towns (e.g., water quality, sea level rise, transportation).

Who are my legislators?

This tool can help you determine who represents you in the Maryland General Assembly and in the United States Congress and links you to their contact information.

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