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A Vision for Resilience

As one of the country's most vulnerable landscapes to flooding, erosion, and sea level rise, the Eastern Shore can become a national model for coastal resilience in rural communities. A resilient Eastern Shore will be prepared for immediate and long-term coastal hazards and able to survive, adapt, and prosper in the face of uncertainty and vulnerability.

What is at risk?

Erosion, storm surge, and frequent inundation from sea level rise threaten the Eastern Shore way of life. Wetlands, fisheries, roads, homes, farms, and businesses need the protection of local policies that understand and plan for long-term flood risks. Fortunately, two out of three Shore residents support local policies that plan for sea level rise.

Our Approach

ESLC works to understand and communicate the risks associated with sea level rise. We build resilience through community-oriented projects and by connecting local governments with resources and assistance to prepare for future coastal flooding and storms. Ultimately, we encourage regional collaboration to address sea level rise and climate change impacts.

Be informed!

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Resilience Matters
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