Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

Our Vision

Eastern Shore towns should be vibrant and well-defined. Specifically, we are working to help our towns host most of the growth in the region, become models of innovative economic development, and provide plenty of open, green spaces.

Our Mission

Our work focuses on planning and design projects that help foster change in places that need them. We also share resources such as technical support, networking, partnerships, and funding opportunities.

Our Process

Our programs are community driven, with a deep commitment to diversity and public engagement, and belief in the power of community land projects and education to ignite and amplify positive change.

How Can We Help?

We can offer technical support with community engagement, community design, property acquisition, land conservation, land use policy, project funding/fundraising, communications, and volunteer management. Our educational services include education and training workshops, a weekly email about town planning and local policy issues, a sampling of issues our projects have addressed, public park design, public access to land and water, bike and pedestrian routes and signage, town gateway design, climate change adaptation strategies, and planning, with a focus on developing a dream for a town’s future.

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Eastern Shore Land Conservancy