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Change is inevitable, progress a choice

“Change is inevitable, but progress is a choice.” This is a small selection of the words of wisdom that Ed McMahon imparted on the audience during his keynote address. As the world pushes forward through the 21st century, the pace at which technology and the economy change seems to accelerate at an exponential rate. However, society must be conscious that the actions made today have great implications in the future. The jobs we create and the communities we develop are all interconnected. Just as important as the quantity of jobs created is the quality of jobs created.

What kinds of jobs do we hope our children will have? How do we preserve the quality of life for the future generation while nurturing economic growth? These are questions that residents of rural areas and small towns must ask themselves when they plan for the future. Keep in mind that progress does not need to be sacrificed for the sake of conservation. The environment often can be a boon for job growth. Parks and trails increase traffic in local businesses. They also can provide a source of ecotourism.

The Eastern Shore with its vast expanses of agricultural and natural lands has assets that many other regions lack. It is important to consider these amenities when deciding the next steps.

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