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Learning Across Disciplines

The Sassafras Environmental Education Center aims to teach how human beings can live compatibly with nature’s design. The center demonstrates how outdoor education integrated into the regional school system can enhance learning across various disciplines, such as Science, Math, Social Sciences, Language Arts, Music, and Art.

Nature's Classroom

The center provides students and adults with exposure to and instruction of the geology, ecology, physics, human history, economics, and politics that have shaped and continue to shape the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Collaborating with Teachers

The center partners with local schools to serve as a ground for public school educators to implement Maryland’s environmental literacy standards. Activities in the field provide students with the knowledge and skill to live sustainably within Earth’s finite ecosystem.

Want to Visit with your Class or Group?

Contact Director Wayne T. Gilchrest at wgilchrest(at)eslc.org or Education Program Manager Jennifer Hizer at jhizer(at)eslc.org.
The Sassafras Environmental Education Center is located at 13671 Turners Creek Road, Unit 2, Kennedyville, MD 21645.

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