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ESLC and Partners Kick Off Speaker Series

Speaker Series Launched in Dorchester

“A Shore Worth Saving” Event Kicks off Aug. 13 at Dorchester Council Chambers

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, a private nonprofit land conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of farmland and habitat on the Eastern Shore, Dorchester Citizens for Safe Energy, Dorchester County Tourism and Dorchester County government have announced the first event in the “A Shore Worth Saving – Preserving Our Past, Protecting our Future” series. The first event in the series will take place on Thursday, August 13 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 at the Dorchester County Council Chambers and will feature Elizabeth Beckley, Eastern Shore Field Officer for Preservation Maryland and Harriet Tubman Byway Director Tonda Williams.

The series will highlight the roots of Dorchester County and efforts to preserve and protect this critical landscape. Dorchester County is home to the birth place for Underground Railroad Conductor Harriet Tubman, and the shining environmental treasure Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. In addition to these critically important areas, Dorchester is home to a variety of agriculture operations, fishing and waterman industries, as well as fur trappers.

Many people and organizations are working hard to ensure that this landscape is preserved, honored, and enjoyed for generations to come as threats to this landscape become more and more of a reality. Most recently, the Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway (MAPP) project poses a permanent and possibly detrimental change to Dorchester County. This project will threaten 27 miles of this County, this decision will permanently change this land, views, and the community which calls this place home.

“We hope this Speaker Series will showcase the assets this County has to offer the Shore, State and Nation, and more importantly how threats like the MAPP proposal can jeopardize that” said Morgan Ellis, ESLC’s Land Use Planner. “We hope folks will walk away from these sessions better informed about their beloved County and ready to get involved in the quest to protect it.”

At least three sessions are planned. Future dates can be found on the MAPP Action Center as well as www.eslc.org. “A Shore Worth Saving – Preserving Our Past, Protecting our Future” series is jointly sponsored by Dorchester County, ESLC, DCSE, and Dorchester Tourism.

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