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Conserve, steward, and advocate for the unique rural landscape of the Eastern Shore.

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Non-Profit Land Trust to participate in tree planting

  •  Plant something: Gather a few friends, neighbors or co-workers and plant a tree. In addition to improving the view, trees reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce pollutants in the air. Many local garden centers offer a wide variety of trees and shrubs for planting – just be sure to check with your local town or county if you are planning to plant the tree on public lands. 
  • Donate to your local environmental organization: If you have been meaning to donate to one of your favorite environmental organizations, now is a great time to do it! You can set up to make a monthly donation or just use Earth Day as your annual reminder to join or donate to a group working to make the Earth a cleaner place for all of us to live. Visit eslc.org to become a member of ESLC or Network for Good at
  •  Clean Up: Grab a group of friends to adopt a highway for the day or do a park cleaning day. Taking a few friends will help pass the time away and will make for a fun day together. Be sure to wear gloves and bring separate containers for recyclable materials. Visit the State Highway Administration website at www.sha.state.md.us for Adopt a Highway details.
  •  Buy Local: Many of our local farmer’s markets have opened up for the 2008 season so be sure and pay a visit to your local market! Not only does supporting locally grown foods support an important local industry but it tastes better too…that produce was probably picked within a day or two of making it to your plate! Be sure to check out the Maryland’s Best website at www.marylandsbest.net for a directory of farmer’s markets and other places to buy locally grown food!
  •  Recycle: Make Earth Day the day your family adopts your own recycling center in your home. This can be set-up easily and affordably with some stackable bins bought at your local department store that you can put in a garage, utility room or other convenient place! Learn more by visiting www.midshorerecycling.org.
  •  Reuse: Buy canvas bags to take to the grocery store instead of plastic bags and you will eliminate about 720 plastic bags per year. Use the ones you have for regular household uses like lining trashcans and cat litter pans. ESLC offers these bags (which you can order contacting our office) or you can visit www.reusablebags.com to purchase custom bags.
  •  Visit www.networkforgood.org to find a charity.

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