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Roots Monthly Giving Spotlight: Amanda Thornley

We connected with ESLC Roots member, Amanda Thornley, to look into the significance of monthly giving. In our conversation, Amanda, who relocated to the Eastern Shore just over a year ago, passionately shared her insights. Her quick connection to the region shows the importance of our work, as even newcomers recognize and value the significance of preserving our landscapes.

Monthly giving, for Amanda, goes beyond financial support—it’s a way to sustain the place that we all hold dear. Join us in exploring Amanda’s unique perspective and the collective impact of monthly giving on the natural beauty of our Eastern Shore. Thank you for all that you do, Amanda!

Where are you from?

I grew up in western Connecticut. I spent many years living in Pennsylvania and Ireland before moving to the Eastern Shore in December of 2022.

What is your earliest memory of the Eastern Shore?

As a transplant, my earliest memory of the Eastern Shore is from last year. I will never forget my first drive around the marshlands by the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

I was blown away by the beautiful scenery and all of the different birds I saw from just one short drive. It was unlike anything I had seen before; a totally unique ecosystem that sparked my interest in learning more. 

Where do you currently work and/or volunteer?

I currently work in marketing at a life sciences company. So naturally, I am passionate about biology, environmentalism, and progressing science. 

How did you first become involved with conservation work?

After my first encounter with the unique beauty of the eastern shore, speaking with locals and researching online, I realized how important it is to protect the land and the species that live here from over-development and rising sea levels. I learned about the important work the ESLC is doing and knew I had to be a part of it.

What is your favorite thing about ESLC?

I love that the ESLC educates the public about the Eastern Shore alongside driving its mission. It’s so important that residents know more about the land they live on, the future challenges it faces, and what we can do to help preserve it.

What positive changes do you hope to see on the Eastern Shore?

Even MORE preserved wildlife habitats for the incredible animals that live here.

What is your favorite view on the Eastern Shore?

I love going to the Smithville Bridge boat ramp right at sunset in the summer. It’s the perfect combination of water, land, and the occasional duck visitors!

What, in your opinion, makes the Eastern Shore landscape so unique?

The constant interruption of land with water.  Water is completely unavoidable on the Eastern Shore–whether it’s a river, estuary, or even a rain-made pond in a field that will only last a week.

Why do you choose to give to ESLC?

We share the same mission: to conserve the unique landscape of the Eastern Shore.

What’s your favorite flora or fauna in Maryland?

I absolutely love the Loblolly trees in the marshlands. It’s a popular species of tree at the transition zone between salt marshes and woodlands. As these evergreen trees age, their lower branches fall off, and the end results is a tree with “crowned” branches just at the top. They’re so unique looking and provide some wonderful color to the landscape in the wintertime.

Please consider joining Amanda as one of ESLC’s Roots and giving monthly to sustain our beautiful, bountiful Eastern Shore.

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