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Show Us Your Sneckdowns!

“Sneckdown” is a portmanteau of the words “snow” and “neckdown.”If you’re unfamiliar with exactly what a neckdown is, it’s simply an extension of the curb (also called a “bumpout”) around corners where cars are turning. Neckdowns often are used as a traffic-calming feature and to provide more space for pedestrians on the sidewalk. These areas can be landscaped (vegetated curb extensions) and serve as a stormwater management tool to capture runoff. For more information on green infrastructure practices, check out this useful fact sheet: EPA Green Streets.

neckdown edited

After a bout of winter weather (that the Eastern Shore has been all too familiar with this year!) and when streets are covered in snow, it’s easy to spot areas of the road that cars don’t use—and you’d be surprised at how much space that is! Untouched snow surrounding a corner curb or in the middle of the street displays to transportation officials and planners a perfect illustration of unused road space. And instead of keeping that wasted extra footage, sneckdowns show the ideal spot for more pedestrian-friendly development.

sneckdown 3

Photo courtesy of This Old City


As the Eastern Shore braces for yet another winter storm, ESLC wants to see where you are spotting sneckdowns in your town. How much road space could be reclaimed for pedestrian use?

So once the snow starts falling, be sure to send us your photos via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtag #shoresneckdowns and tell us what town is shown. Or if you’d rather e-mail us your pictures, send it to info@eslc.org with the subject line “Shore Sneckdowns.”

Stay warm and be sure to spot those sneckdowns!

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