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Spotlight: Kelly Simonsen & Easton Utilities

Kelly Simonsen is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Easton Utilities. She has also worked as a director and community liaison for CASA of the Mid-Shore and Adventist Behavioral Health. A Towson alumna and Shore Leadership graduate, Simonsen has served on the boards of SOS Sink or Swim, MD/DC Utilities Assoc., and the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce. Most importantly, Kelly is a board member here at Eastern Shore Land Conservancy! Kelly’s expertise has been especially helpful this year as we’ve embarked on the journey of redesigning our website and logo. We are also grateful for Easton Utilities’ continued support and sponsorship of our work in local land conservation. Check out our conversation with Kelly below and read more about Easton Utilities’ pollinator-friendly wastewater treatment facility on our blog.


Tell us more about your role at Easton Utilities! What services does Easton Utilities provide for the community and what is your role there?

As the Manager of Marketing and Communications, my job is to ensure our customers, employees, and the community are informed and aware. My team works hard to provide quality information and deliver it both internally and externally, in a variety of formats. Easton Utilities mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community. Our people do that by providing all the essential services one needs. From the comfort of your home to keeping you connected – we make life better!


What is something people might not know about Easton Utilities’ work in the community?

People may not realize how much we really do care. I find the people here are very genuine. When we say we care about our customers, we mean it… and I get to see that from the inside. Others may think it is just lip service, but I witness it almost daily. It’s pretty incredible, really. I’ve never experienced this working in other companies.


How did you first connect with Eastern Shore Land Conservancy?

When I first started at Easton Utilities, we were already a supporter. So, I would read the various appeal letters/reports/publications to better understand their work. I attended a couple of events and really enjoyed learning about the organization. When Steve Kline asked me to consider being a board member, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s been great so far!


How would you describe your experience so far as a board member at ESLC?

What an education! I am learning so much and feel a stronger connection to preserving this precious area. We moved here from Ellicott City eleven years ago for the quality of life and the beautiful environment. My time with ESLC has made me realize how special this region is and how important it is to be mindful about the decisions we make. I am impressed with the knowledge of the entire staff and board and still have quite a bit to learn. It is really nice to see the passion and commitment from all.


With your expertise and background in marketing and communications, ESLC has been so grateful to have your board member input and insight on our upcoming logo redesign and website redesign! What has been your favorite part of this process? Why is a refreshed logo important for a nonprofit like ESLC?

I firmly believe that image is everything. Creating cohesion and consistency is key! I was thrilled to be asked to participate and had not been involved in that type of projects for quite a while. It was so interesting to see the process by an outside agency and watch them learn about ESLC and then deliver a product based on so much insight. A logo is crucial because it should represent an organization in a simple and recognizable manner. Many nonprofits do not prioritize the value of marketing, but it can be a game changer.


We are so grateful for Easton Utilities sponsorship of ESLC! What led the company to commit to this type of support?

We believe in supporting a strong community and Easton/Talbot County is a perfect example of such! We want to help those organizations working hard to make our region better. We are proud to support ESLC and find value in their mission.


If you could protect one place forever on the Eastern Shore, what place would that be?

The tributaries of the Tred Avon River. We spend a lot of time in these areas and have many memories. I want my kids to create more with their kids one day.


We believe in supporting a strong community and Easton/Talbot County is a perfect example of such! We want to help those organizations working hard to make our region better. We are proud to support ESLC and find value in their mission.

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