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Donated Conservation Easement Protects Talbot County Woodlands

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is excited to announce the closing on a donated conservation easement in Talbot County. The property, owned by 500 Beaver Road II, LLC, protects 128.5 acres of land, including 100 acres of productive agricultural land, 9 acres of mixed deciduous woodlands, and 12 acres of installed wildlife habitat (impoundment and associated grass plantings). In addition, the property’s residential development potential has been completely removed, as the landowner chose to remove all residential rights from the property. By donating this easement and restricting the use of the property primarily to agriculture, the owners of 500 Beaver Road II, LLC have ensured the agricultural nature of this idyllic farm in Talbot County.

In addition to the new easement, the owners of 500 Beaver Road II, LLC also purchased an active Conservation Easement donated by the Kenzie family in 2004. During ESLC’s first meeting with the LLC, the owners requested to enact additional restrictions to the Kenzie property by removing all six of the remaining residential rights; this amendment, which also closed this week, will ensure increase preservation of this beautiful block of woodlands located right outside of Easton. In speaking on both projects, the owners of the LLC stated that they “are grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to the conservation of land and the preservation of Talbot County’s traditions of living in concert with the environment and local farmers.”

ESLC applauds the 500 Beaver Road II, LLC for their foresight in securing the rural culture of their properties into the long term, and ESLC looks forward to building a strong relationship with them to continue to achieve their conservation goals. ESLC would also like to thank the Maryland Environmental Trust (MET), ESLC’s co-holder on both the Kenzie easement and the new donated easement, for their exceptional technical support in getting these projects complete.

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