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Board of Directors Spotlight: William Boyd

Where are you from and what is your background?

I grew up on a farm (Rollyston Farm) in St. Michaels while attending Country School, boarding school in Mass. and college at W&L. My wife, Meta, and I were married in 1974 and I began our career at Md. National Bank (Baltimore), then 25 years at Alex. Brown & Sons, followed by 10 years at PNC Bank, finally retiring to our present family farm in Wye Mills in 2012. Very nice to be back home. In reality I don’t think I ever left the Shore. Nature is my life passion.

How did you become involved with conservation work?

After many years of community volunteer work, I finally figured out that it’s best to pursue your volunteer activities in areas of personal interest. That started with The Nature Conservancy for MD & DC, which then was followed by Mid-Shore Community Foundation, and ESLC, organizations (and Trustees) that I knew well from growing up here.

How did you become involved with ESLC?

Rob Etgen probably found me, or I found him, and I have a great appreciation for the work that he and ESLC have done for the land, towns, and people here on the Shore. I also had a personal interest in understanding more about how land conservation works, and gained a much better knowledge of the process of protecting our very special agricultural and rural community by being involved. My wife, Meta, is equally involved as a Trustee for Shore Rivers, so we share a mutual passion for our land and water.

What is your favorite part of working with ESLC? What is something you wish more people knew about ESLC?

Mostly I’ve enjoyed watching the professionals work. They apply science and very technical business knowledge to achieve results with a passion. Protecting lands, towns, and people are not passive acts. It takes vision, energy, and some real work to make this happen. Landowners often have a shared vision, but need help from ESLC professionals to inform them on how to bring this to realization. I wish ALL landowners could have the chance to see ESLC’s work. I’m really encouraged that Steve Kline will continue to build on our mission, with his really great background in Mid-Shore leadership and determined focus. His energy is contagious.

What is your favorite thing about Maryland’s Eastern Shore?

Knowing we live in one of the most special communities in the world. We have travelled all over the world, experienced many many parts of nature, wildlife, resources, and cultures. While we believe we’ve seen very special things, I don’t think there’s a more special place to live than the Eastern Shore. We celebrate that every day.

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