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Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is committed to preserving and sustaining the vibrant communities of the Eastern Shore and the lands and waters that connect them.

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O’Malley Commits $1 Million to Eastern Shore Conservation Center

Governor Martin O’Malley released his FY 2014 Capital Budget, which includes a $1 million commitment to the Eastern Shore Conservation Center. The Eastern Shore Land Conservancy hopes to renovate the old McCord laundry building to provide office space for several nonprofit organizations. The redevelopment project is consistent with ESLC’s efforts to assist in the redevelopment of towns on the Eastern Shore. It would restore a deteriorated building and provide upwards of 50 jobs to downtown Easton. The condition of the building has had a negative effect on the surrounding area in Easton’s South Washington Street Corridor. Vacant buildings can promote crime, increase property damage, and discourage additional investment in the neighborhood. Redevelopment is needed in that area to counteract the impact of the relocation of Memorial Hospital at Easton and to spur revitalization of the neighborhood. “Governor O’Malley’s funding of the Eastern Shore Conservation Center is a testament to his understanding of the project’s importance to Smart Growth, revitalization and the strengthening of our towns,” said former Gov. Harry Hughes. Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is raising funds for the center, a charismatic green building that, if completed, would bring new vitality to both the neighborhood and the town. The Eastern Shore Conservation Center would create a working home for conservation organizations and businesses – including Eastern Shore Land Conservancy. This hub of activity will spark collaboration and innovation around conservation at a new scale for the Eastern Shore. “We are grateful to Gov. O’Malley for his commitment to the Eastern Shore,” said ESLC Executive Director Rob Etgen. “This project will serve as a model of downtown revitalization and economic development on the Eastern Shore, and I’m pleased that the governor believes in this vision for conservation and for rural Maryland.” Formal settlement on the McCord building in Easton, where ESLC hopes to create the Conservation Center,

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ESLC Hopes to Establish Eastern Shore Conservation Center

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy will host a public meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 25, at the Talbot County Historical Society Auditorium in Easton, to discuss plans to purchase the McCord Building on Washington Street. In the coming year ESLC hopes to transform this vacant Easton warehouse into a charismatic green building that brings new vitality to both the neighborhood and the town. Called the Eastern Shore Conservation Center, this facility will create a working home for our employees and for other organizations and businesses. This hub of activity will spark collaboration and innovation around conservation at a new scale for the Eastern Shore. At the meeting, staff members will give an introduction to Eastern Shore Land Conservancy and a description of the McCord Building site, and will ask community members to express what they would like to see on the site. The Conservancy also invites the public to attend an Open House from 10 a.m. to noon Thursday, July 26, at the McCord Building.

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