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Cambridge Gateways Report

Cambridge Gateways was designed to initiate a conversation among community leaders, City of Cambridge officials, residents and visitors about the impression the environment on U.S. Route 50 gives those who pass through Cambridge, the effect the physical conditions have on the local economy and culture, and how best to embody the character of a charming Eastern Shore waterfront city through gateway revitalization. The goal of the Cambridge Gateways engagement and design process was to develop strategies that would communicate to travelers that Downtown Waterfront Redevelopment District destinations exist and this Eastern Shore town is not to be missed. The City and Eastern Shore Land Conservancy  identified the intersection of Route 50 and Maryland Avenue as the primary gateway to Cambridge in need of revitalization. The Maryland Avenue Gateway encompasses the area beginning on the corner of Route 50 and Byrn Street, running to the intersection of Route 50 and Maryland Avenue, and then turning west down Maryland Avenue and extending to Cambridge Creek Bridge. The City and ESLC worked in partnership to manage the community engagement and design process for gateway revitalization of the streets and potential greyfield properties in the Maryland Avenue Gateway. The City and ESLC developed schematic visions for Maryland Avenue Gateway, aiming to make this major entryway into the City more welcoming, to treat stormwater issues with green street improvements and reduced impervious surfaces, to create more effective and attractive directional signage, and to make the gateway area more accessible for the whole community along this major entryway into downtown Cambridge. The Cambridge Gateways Report is a first step in the community process toward green and revitalized Gateways for Cambridge. There is much opportunity ahead for feedback and suggestions in the community as the Cambridge Gateways project moves forward. Please peruse a presentation of our report: THE CAMBRIDGE GATEWAYS POWERPOINT

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Bicycles welcome on Cambridge’s Maryland Ave.

CAMBRIDGE - Bike sharrows have been installed on Maryland Avenue as part of the Cambridge Gateways project, an effort of the City of Cambridge and Eastern Shore Land Conservancy to improve the entry into the City and encourage travelers to discover the vibrant Cambridge downtown. Cambridge residents involved in the Cambridge Gateways project noted a desire to see better bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure at the gateway. Eastern Shore Land Conservancy approached the Cambridge City Council to approve the temporary installation of bike sharrows pavement markers for 120 days to allow staff to measure the rider frequency on Maryland Avenue. The temporary bike sharrows also help educate all road users on bicycle safety. The bike sharrows were installed on April 9 as part of the Cambridge Gateways design phase. Cambridge Department of Public Works staff members, Sarah Abel from the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, and Jeff M. Duthie, a traffic safety representative from 3M were all on hand to install the bike sharrow pavement markings. 3M provided the bike sharrows and installation training to meet Maryland State Highway guidelines for bicycle safety designations. Bike sharrows are pavement markings that indicate cyclists are allowed in the road lane. Cyclists should ride on the right side of the lane, heading the same direction as cars. The temporary bike sharrows should only be used heading from U.S. Route 50 in to downtown, to obey directional traffic. Drivers should pay attention for cyclists, as should cyclists for drivers. All should obey traffic signals and signs. Maryland law requires drivers give cyclists three feet on roadways. For more information on sharing the road with cyclists, visit: http://www.choosesafetyforlife.com/pdfs/Bicycle_Booklet.pdf The sharrows will be in place until August 8 to measure the number of bicycle infrastructure users at the peak season in Cambridge. Please email any comments or pictures of bike sharrow users to Eastern Shore Land

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Cambridge Gateways

ESLC Center for Towns invites you to be involved in our Cambridge Gateways project. We are working to make street design and public access improvements on the Maryland Avenue gateway for Cambridge residents and visitors. Please join the Center for Towns to make Cambridge a better place. How to get involved:

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