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Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is committed to preserving and sustaining the vibrant communities of the Eastern Shore and the lands and waters that connect them.

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ESLC Heads to 2016 Legislative Session

Along with colder temperatures and the fade of holiday lights, every January brings a new legislative session in Annapolis. State employees, politicians, lobbyists, advocates, and policy staff from groups across Maryland converge in an effort to advance the issues and beliefs they believe to be


A moral responsibility

Pope Francis' call to action should spur us all to look at the effect of our consumer lifestyles. Last week the Vatican released Pope Francis' encyclical, the Church’s highest level of teaching, on the environment. Reaching far beyond one religion, Francis called on “every person living


2015 Legislate Session Overview

The 2015 legislative session ended last week, but started with a new administration and more than 60 new legislators all working to decrease the $650 million structural deficit. ESLC was curious to see what Governor Hogan’s budget would hold for farmland and rural protection programs. “It



Through their Watershed Implementation Plans (WIPs), Eastern Shore Counties are playing a pivotal leadership role in saving the Chesapeake Bay.  The Eastern Shore has emerged at the forefront of all the rural regions in the Chesapeake Bay watershed for your WIP work.  However, there are


Farm Bill

ESLC joined the efforts of the Land Trust Alliance to secure a new Farm Bill that embraces the successful model of helping land trusts purchase perpetual conservation easements from willing landowners. These easements secure food and fiber, clean water, wildlife habitat, and our rural heritage